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14 thoughts on “Comments”

  1. Great job guys! Can u talk about the conspiracy of Sparklers that u get for Independence Day and how the Chinese rigged them to make u vomit when u light them? Ive got a great story for u!

  2. Great episode 45. Gave me the chills listening to those recordings. Keep it up. How about a story about exorcisms? Logan, i know u have some experience with this. I remember u having a stary about a relative being put in a chair with adults surrounding him. Thats all im gonna say. Love the show.

    1. Hello Joey,

      We do have exorcisms in our, I meant your future. Within the coming months we will talk about some exorcisms that were allegedly successful and some that were tragically fatal.

      Thanks for posting, and we appreciate you listening to the show!

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