Things wrong in this world are most likely correct in a parallel dimension.

Buckle up and enjoy us talking all things Strange, Cryptozoology, Unexplained, Scary, Weird, Dark, Bizarre, Cults, Conspiracy and Paranormal.

New - Episode 22 - A Bear, A Hippo, An Alien, and A Human Walk Into A Bar. Who Would Win In A Fight?

Sam and Logan are back in another episode to discuss some odd and strange topics.

This week on The Strange Podcast we talk about the following:

1) A man with a strange puppy... news flash, it's a bear.

2) A hippo hiding out in Mexico.

3)  Teacher feeds live puppy to a snapping turtle

4) Boss broadcast sex video for the world to see.

5) Dangerous fake tits

6) KFC's new pizza 


And more odd and wacky topics.

Logan then goes into this week's topic -  People who claimed to have fought off alien invasions.  

Many people have claimed to have been abducted by aliens, lost time due to aliens abductions, or just been probed.  Well there are a few accounts of people who have defended their livelihoods by fending off those curious aliens.  While the story isn't always pretty, these stories are of those who lived to tell of their victories!


It's just another wacky week in news, conspiracies, and ghosts.


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About The Hosts


Logan Marks is a self proclaimed genius who constantly lies about coining the phrase "I'm going to have to science the shit out of this!"  He grew up interested in the paranormal, the unexplained, and bad ass science.  Now (as someone trying to pass himself off as an adult) he is a skeptic first, but still loves the mystery of the paranormal and the outrageous claims of pseudoscience.  This passion for the unknown led him to his destiny... to journey and explore the dangers of the interwebs!  To look for the weird, the strange, the bat shit crazy stories for your listening entertainment.  He welcomes you to The Strange Podcast.


Sam Baxter is known as a horror fiend. "I have been in love with all things paranormal most of my life.  From my dreams about future events, to seeing things I can't explain".  This has led him down the dark path of the force...err, the occult... wait, not that either, well it has led him to find as many true scary stories that would scare his pants off that he can.  While he loves science, he is also the Fox Mulder of the podcast world.  "I want to believe" is what Sam is known to annoyingly say to others.  Maybe one day he will see something worth believing.  Until then he continues his search like Kirk did for Spock...

The Truth

We do not believe in everything that we talk about.  We know that lots of strange things happen to all types of people.  Our show is touch upon the curiosity we have.

To our fans ~ hopefully you will share similar experiences from your lives.  All stories and ideas welcome!  

What We Like to Discuss


There are many reason we hear things go bump in the night.  Not all are explainable by natural means.  This leaves the Unknown..

The Unexplained

How can we explain all things in this world?  

Many odd things are heard, but not seen.  Seen but not understood.

Is logic always sensible?  

Human Errors

Some crimes are accounted for by humans.  We discuss how cults or sadistic people have made their marks onto society.

Whether you believe it or not, it still occurs. Be aware!

Nutty News

We explore the weird, the nutty, and the strange news.  Join us for the oddball news that no one is talking about.

Zombies and Death

Nothing more to say here.  These two items go hand in hand.

Things that go bump in the night!

Some of the worst things to fear are things you cannot see.  To see it, would blow your socks off!!  Be thankful to not catch these lurking creatures with your eyes. 


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